The TheoTown Lua API for plugins features a wide set of functions for interacting with the game and its players.


Array A set of tools to extend Lua's quite simple arrays with more intuitive, traditional methods.
Builder Functions to create and destroy buildings, roads, trees and more.
Building Building library for TheoTown

A building is a representation object for single buildings in a city.

Car Car library for TheoTown.
City This library contains functions to access and modfiy city information, general buildings and roads.
DSA This library contains functions associated with the DSA integration.
Debug Functions for debugging.
Draft Draft library for TheoTown

A draft can be considered a single "plugin object" like the template for a building.

Drawing Functions for drawing images and text.
GUI Allows to access UI elements of the game.
NeighborCity Neighbor City library for TheoTown.
Runtime Functions to access general runtime information.
Script The unit scripts are organized in.
TheoTown TheoTown specific functions that don't fit into other libraries.
Tile Contains functions to query single tiles for information about objects on them.
Util Some general utility functions.
Vector A 3-dimensional vector implementation that can be used for convenience.
string This module extends the functionality contained in the string table for convenience.
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